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Groove a Licious - Colorado’s Mile High Mountain Funk is a high-energy, 7-8 piece Funk-Soul ensemble based out of the Boulder-Denver Metro area. Driving deep pocket grooves, killer harmonies, accompanied with the most stellar brass sections on the scene, Groove a Licious brings the rootsy funk from Detroit to New Orleans. Since their inception back in 2015, the band's transformation has taken the local music scene by storm to become one of Colorado’s up n' coming funk - soul experiences. Grab on and get down with the high-altitude, funky beats of Groove a Licious, delivering all the ingredients to light up the night with booty shakin’ for a guaranteed party celebration.



Kayt Ums:  Lead Vocal

Greg Leistikow:  Keys

Sherman Arnold:  Drums

Dave Weisbart:  Bass & Vocals

Tom Henriques:  Guitar & Vocals

Extended Members:

Alex Cazet:  Tenor Sax

Jordan Skomal:  Trumpet

Jonas Shultz:  Tenor Sax

Austin Zaletal:  Tenor Sax

Matt Wilkolak:  Trumpet

Mart Wilkolak:  Trombone

Luke Tredinnick:  Trombone